Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meat Taem Bryan Moss

I haven't posted for a while, I have been "Super" busy, my apologizes.This is a promo for my webcomic that will be floating around in the near-future. I have also posted the reference images because I find it appropriate to show the correlation between the three. I find it humorous as well as exciting. The first image is on a Styrofoam dinner tray. My friend Steyven Curry completed this image over dinner one evening. His dinner consisted of two pieces of ham, one helping of scalloped potatoes, and cornbread. This is the kind of food that can produce great ideas. The second image is from a Penthouse add "as you can tell". I love the design of this add and the colors. This image caters to my wedcomic idea as well. With the title MEAT TAEM only being appropriate I hope women aren't offended, because these women are very cool and kick ass! All the women that I have showed this to find it insulting. I hope I can convey this story with clarity to give a better understanding . Enjoy, Bryan Moss

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