Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to create a painting

Step 1: Take drugs
Make sure they are natural to prevent terrible side effects.
P.S. Be sure not to abuse!
Step 2: Have sex
P.S. Be sure not to abuse, you don't want to go to prison.
Step 3: Dream
You spend a third of your life sleeping, don't let it go to waste.
Step 4: Draw your dreams
You can use a combination of different dreams; the more the merrier.

Step 5: Steal from other artist.
Be sure they are the best. Stealing from someone less than a master is a waste
of your time, and your audience.

Step 6: Start painting
By this point you should cut out food, drugs, and sleep.
Only thing you should be concerned with is your feelings about your painting.

Step 7: Paint.

Step 8: Paint more!

Step 9: Take a break and show friends.

Step 10: After edits paint more.

Step 11: Show painting off to the world.

Step 12: After your hard work does not pay off, go and find a job, and realise that
you just wasted your time.

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Jeff said...

Thanks, professor. I learned a lot.