Saturday, November 17, 2012

Foil n Fur Demo

 Feast your eyes upon Foil n Fur Pg3: This is a demonstration of my creative process when making comics by hand.
1.) I start out with a color pencil when laying out the composition. I previously used  a non-photo blue pencil, but they cost too much. Plus, I love keeping all of my pencil marks, since I don't over render.

2.) A little goes a long way when doing layouts, let the page breathe; Never make tight pencils, due to potential changes.
 3.) Ink what you like, and leave out what doesn't work. With coloring/painting in mind you don't have to do much with the ink either. Just render out the narrative. I like to think of it as carving with acid.
4.) The rest is painting by numbers: Don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques. Treat the page as an experiment. If it goes wrong, you can always paint on top of it. Try to balance colors and balance the negative space. Less is always more, even when you are creating action.

5.) Don't be afraid to try different materials: on this image I used acrylics, color pencils, markers, paper, and ink.

6.) Confidence goes a long way: Become a zen master and realize there are no mistakes, and you are creating what was already there.

FYI: There was no digital manipulation on this comic book page. All analog materials.   

FoilnFur demo
Strange Things Moss
Bryan Christopher Moss

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