Monday, March 25, 2013

OSU Art Show Summer of 2013

Hello everyone,

The big announcement is here. I will be having my first solo painting exhibition at OSU: Newark Branch. This exhibit will consist of portraits. Since so many people who inspire me do not live in the greatest city in the world, then I will have to bring their spirits to the show.
In the age of the internet, the instant picture and posting to Facebook, Tumblr, etc is the equivalent of a polaroid. Most of these pictures can be reduced to two seconds of entertainment, but what if we stopped to take a longer look?
This series of portraits will explore the the world of candid images as portraits of artists that I do not know. What do we take from these images, and what impressions do they have on us? Join me in mid-May, official opening to be announced.

Sincerely, Bryan Christopher Moss

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